Large groups

Companies, schools, charities, large groups!!

We have created special programs for our 2016 event for groups of 15 or more.

Check out the program details below:

pumpkin familySchools and charities:
We want our event to be affordable for entire families to participate together.  We also know that schools are always looking for fundraising opportunities and we want to help out!!

Charities:  We want to help you get the word out about what you do and help you fundraise for your cause!  ALL charities will receive a free sponsorship (booth + other perks) to our event and are eligible for our fundraising program.

We will create a special team for your school/charity ($5 savings) and a discount code that will save everyone $5 off entry.  THEN we will donate back $5 for everyone that registers using the discount code- whether they register on your team or not.   You students, staff, friends, family members, followers and donors will save $10 on registration and you will raise $ for the school/charity!
*Schools/charities can also choose the option to forgo the discount and put the entire $10 per entry back towards the fundraiser

Here are the charities we are currently working with: 
Camp Como
Epic Experience
Love Hope Strength


All companies want healthy and happy employees.  By signing up, training for and completing an event like the Great Pumpkin Haul, you will create a greater sense of camaraderie, teamwork, fitness and fun in the workplace!!

We will setup a team for your company ($5 savings) and have the following options for additional discounts:

  1.  We will send instructions on how to setup a Facebook event page for your company team.  Invite all employees and encourage them to invite their friends and family members too!  Once your page hits 50 confirmed RSVP’s we will send you a discount code for $10 off registration for everyone!
    —–>  If over 50 people register for your team we will give your company a free sponsorship at the event ($500 value)
  2. We can also sell our entries in bulk for companies looking to purchase entries for their employees to participate as part of a wellness initiative:

family costumeWe can offer:
25 entries at $30 each ($750 upfront)
50 entries at $25 each ($1250 upfront)

—–>  If you do not use all of the entries, we have several low income schools we work with where the entries could be donated to students looking to participate.   This would be considered a charitable donation and is tax deductible.
—–>  If you purchase 50 entries upfront we will also give your company a free sponsorship at the event ($500 value)

Large groups: 

Do you have a club, gym or large group of family/friends that are interested in the Haul?
We will create a Facebook event page for you and when you hit 100 confirmed RSVP’s we will create a team for you ($5 savings per person) and give you a discount code to distribute for an additional $10 off registration.

If you get over 200 RSVP’s we will set aside and name an entire wave for you in the race!!

Leave your info below and we will be in touch!

Tell us about your group, school or company and we will get you started!

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