The Great Pumpkin Haul is a 2 mile jaunt through forests, open fields, over creeks, hay bales, and through the scenic Botanic Gardens.  There is a catch though:  you will be covering these two miles carrying your very own personal pumpkin!  That’s right.  Before the “Haul”  you will have a chance to go pick out your very own pumpkin from Chatfield’s pumpkin patch (the pumpkin is included with entry). We will weigh it and mark it and you will be ready to go!  Only the best Pumpkin Haulers will finish with out dropping their pumpkin and for the love of fall, don’t pick one that is too light.  You need the biggest orange orb you can find!

This is year #3 of the event and everything will be bigger and better!  More fun obstacles, early event date= prime time for big/firm pumpkins, and this year we are adding a Pumpkin Brew fest!   In addition to a 16oz beer that is included in registration we are inviting out 5-10 Colorado craft breweries to provide additional fall/pumpkin themed tasters!
—–>  Stay tuned for details on breweries/brews and when tickets will be for sale.

Registration categories:

Solo:  Yes, your biceps will thank you!
2 person “share and haul” team:  If you just aren’t feeling quite up to the task of carrying a 10-40lb pumpkin for 2 miles of crazy fun then grab a friend and form a team where you can “share the load”:  2 people, 1 pumpkin.  You do the math.
4 person team/family:   Form a team of 4 or more you each save $5 on entry (plus you can create a really cool team name and have matching tees/themed costumes)


Increase date Price
Early bird $40.00
7/10/2014 $45.00
10/5/2014 $50.00

——->  Registration includes a pumpkin, tee and a 16oz pumpkin/fall brew or hot apple cider.
$5 tickets to the corn maze will be available for all runners and friends/family members.


We will have awards for the faster hauler, a costume contest, the faster team, and also a “tough pumpkin” category for the heaviest pumpkin and a “pumpkin hauler baler” award for those brave enough to take on 2 pumpkins solo.
After the Haul, enjoy hot apple cider and pumpkin spiced beer,  music and annual corn maze, but don’t get lost!

Attention families with kids: 

This is a great event for the entire family.  The event is as hard as you make it and there will be pumpkins of all sizes available to “haul”!   Kids 5 and under are free (pumpkin and tee not included but can be purchased for only $10).  Bring the entire family, hang out for the after party and enjoy discounted tickets to the corn maze and other festivities Chatfield Botanic Gardens has to offer!


Part of the proceeds from TGPH benefits Camp Como, a Christian based non-profit in the high rockies with programs that encourage people of all ages to get outdoors and active!

Join the community!  

Join the official Facebook event page for the Haul for updates and giveaways from our sponsors.   And make sure to “invite” your friends to the page, more friends= more fun!


Why would you carry a pumpkin for fun you may ask?  Well it all started one clear fall day under the big blue Colorado sky. A few friends were trying to pick out the perfect pumpkin to carve and light up. Did it take the group 5 min to pick each pumpkin and go home? Nooooooo…A bunch of us had to haul those big daddy pumpkins around for 30 minutes.  And it got tough, but it was fun.  That day inspired The Great Pumpkin Haul and we are gonna have a blast haulin’ those pumpkins and celebrating afterwards!